For many years the tag line for our ministry of Baptist Evangelism has been “Planting Churches & Training Leaders”. In the work of biblical missions the missionary evangelist goes forth to preach, disciple, organize missions and work to leave growing and developing churches on their fields of service. One of the greatest efforts in this work must be the training of those who will work in ministries and eventually will assume responsibilities as pastors. Knowing how important this training can be, especially in areas of the world where there are very few properly trained pastors, I jumped at the opportunity to have David Smeltz come to help us in the training of our young pastoral students. He came bringing the material which you see in this book. I was pleased to see the attention, reception and retention of our students as he taught them this material there in our High Road ministry center in Xejuyup, Guatemala. The material is robust and Dr Smeltz’s teaching is filled with many decades of his own personal experiences, blessings, heartaches and joys. It is a blessing to see these young students have the benefit of hearing a man with so much experience who is also willing to go afar and share the things that God has taught him all through the years. It will enrich their ministries. It will help them as they move into the place God has for them to serve. I am thankful for men like Dr Smeltz who will give of his time, energy, education and experience. He has done it well with this material on the subject of pastoral theology. The blessings will continue.                       Great GIFT

Dr Ron Maggard