Why Give to His Word of Ministry?

I was thinking about how politicians raise funds for their

campaigns. The Lord laid on my heart if I could find100 people to

PRAY and GIVE to our ministry look how much more we could do.

Faith Promise is not a pledge, it is praying and trusting God to give

a gift to God by faith. Our ministry struggles every year to make its

budget due to lack of support. Most missionaries go from church to

church raising a monthly support spending time and money only

to find a small number of churches willing to support. We are

celebrating completing 11 years in missions. Hundreds of you have

read my post, purchased my books, and followed us during this time. So,

the Lord awoke me this morning and said take it to your friends

who know you and follow you. As I thought through this God laid

on my heart “The Five Dollar Club” I am praying you will join with

me to pray and give $5.00 a month for 12 months to our ministry.

Faith Promise -Prayer and Giving -His Word of Truth Ministry